Friday, April 13, 2012

Lawn Mowing

Emmett for some reason can handle the loud noise of the mower but not the steam mop or vacuum...crazy boy!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Its the Alestair Show!

Alestair is singing his pirate song. Yo ho mates away!
Yay for boys being boys and spitting...
Don't worry Emmett was fine.

Prepare yourselves... Its a miracle!

 Do you see what I see? Its an Emmett in a big boy bed! We have been trying to get him into one for six months!!!
 Isn't he cute? So asleep...NOT in a crib
 See the crib is EMPTY!!!!!
 Alestair sleeps in the top bunk and Emmett below. I am so proud. Hopefully it continues to go well. He only got out once! No screaming or tears. BLISS!
 Anabel of course can't just leave him alone. NO she must check on him, climb over him and sunggle in. She has some serious attachment with Emmett.
It is cute but still annoying since she could have woken him up.

Robert and Mindy

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