Saturday, August 6, 2011

Patty Cake Patty Cake

Emmett's all time favorite song. The first one he really was intent on listening to as well as he favorite game. I LOVE the way he "rolls it". I get him to play this game a few times a day its just too fun!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alestair getting dressed

This is how Alestair decided to wear his jammies.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


He asked Robert to take this picture after he went to the bathroom on the toilet.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Jetty Island Trip of 2011

 Some of our friends met up with the boys and I at Jetty Island. It was a very fun trip!
Alestair found this uprooted tree that he loved playing and digging next to. This was Emmett's first time being able to really dig in the sand. He loved it. The tide was supposed to come in at 1 and since we were stuck on the island from 12pm to 5:45pm (LONGEST DAY EVER!) We figured it would be ok to let the kids play on the sand bar for a while and when the tide came in we could play in the waves. Well it didn't come in.
We actually had to trek it out about 500 feet of very wet sand that you completely sunk into to get to the waves. Alestair loved being in the real ocean. He kept freaking me out by diving into it.
I was very thankful to have my ergo carrier and put my very sleepy Emmett into it (Emmett decided on only one nap that day and since we were on the island didnt get his one nap). Alestair had lots of fun in the ocean. On one of our treks to the bathroom I told him about how my dad loved the ocean too. He seemed to think this was pretty awesome.
I loved watching my boys digging and having fun in the sand without my needing to be right by them. I got to take a lot of pictures and really enjoy it. We built some "sand castles" they were more sand piles. Alestair and I wrote letters in the sand. He is obessed with letters. I am hoping this means he is super smart. He can write o, l, i, I, A, u, U, and C, c very well on his own. It was a very warm day (our first week of summer maybe?) and I got burned. Not bad burned but definetly pink. Alestair and Emmett got pretty tanned even though I put sunscreen on them over and over. I think that just mentioning that there is sun Emmett gets two shades darker and his hair gets lighter. On our way home Alestair went through the list of people he wanted to take back to the beach with us. Daddy, Grandmas, his Undles, his Maddy and her family, his Aunts, his cousins, and of course his Ennit (Emmett). Oh and his "more buckets".

Monday, August 1, 2011

Alestair's first face picture.

So the nose might be above the eyes and the hair all over the chin but he said he was drawing his dad so I guess maybe in Alestair's 3yr old head his dad has a hairy chin. and a nose above his eyes. The point is that he is drawing things that might actually look like things! He is also not just writing letters. Writing letters is amazing in its own right but I have been wanting him to open up past letters. This is the drawing he was doing while behind me in the videos from the last post.

Emmett walks!!!! *Doing happy dance* Video!

So he isn't walking in the first video but  you can hear Alestair talking about going outside which is cute. He is acutally asking Emmett to go outside with him.He is 15.5 months old. FINALLY he walks! Still only doing it on the sly but I know he can do it! He first walked for us back in June just before his 14mo birthday. He would only take 3 steps in a day and only maybe one day a week. We had only seen him take steps to us or another person maybe 4 times until July 30th. On July 30th he started screaming "NANA!" at me. I didn't catch on that it was banana bread so I was way excited that he had learned a new word! I of course cut him some banana bread and handed it down to him. He then turned around with it and treked off to his seat at the table. He was unsucessful at getting into and I was too stunned to help him that he just sat under it and ate his bread. He got up after a few bites and just walked all over the kitchen. When Robert walked in the door he walked over to him like he had been doing it forever! These are the first videos I got of him walking. I AM SO EXCITED! I know they get faster once they walk and all but dang he is heavy! My arms get so dead its not funny. Its also not fun to have to help him around the library story time while Alestair is too scared to tell the librarian that he would like help. My life is actually a bit easier now that he walks and talks. Wow he has grown up quick!In this second video Alestair is coloring behind me and asking for help because his "pitcher" keeps blowing away. Alestair is still asking for help in this one. Emmett isn't really walking but he is going up and down which is very complex for a little guy and although he has done this for a long time still amazes me. Plus he is cute and you can never have too many videos :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ice Cream Cones.

While Dave was here he bought sweetened condesed milk meaning to buy condesed milk. A very easy mistake. We have never been able to use it since we don't know of any recipes that call for it. I finally found and ice cream recipe that uses sweetened condesed milk and doesn't use an ice cream machine! Bonus!! So we made it. Well Robert and Alestair made it. We made the reeses version. It turned out ok. I am not posting the recipe because it is far better just making it the real way. It had a small texture weirdness to it. Still good but not good enough. Alestair didn't even like it enough to eat all of his ice cream cone. He acutally gave his cone with ice cream to Emmett and was so proud that he shared! He yelled at me to get the camera. He then got a plain ice cream cone. He loves them and likes to eat them like crackers.

I am so happy that my boys have such a love for each other. Alestair is really into watching Emmett learn new things and gets so proud of him! At their last Dr appt. Alestair heard the doctor say that Emmett was very heathly and Alestair decided to celebrate by giving him a hug so large he couldn't stand up. Alestair also loves to watch Emmett with anything like blocks, cookies, books and so on. When Alestair is done he passes it to Emmett and tells him what to do with it or lets him eat it then sits back and sighs like he is the best brother ever...which for Emmett he really is :). My favorite is when Emmett gets hurt and Alestair comes to rescue him. Alestair always says "OH! MY MOMMY!" then rubs Emmetts back and says "itsa k Ennit, Itsa K" He does this in the car when Emmett is pitching a fit too. Emmett is so spoiled by his brother we have far more tanturms from him. I am ok with this only because it shows how much his brother loves him...and because he still doesnt get everything he wants :)

Robert and Mindy

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