Friday, December 31, 2010

Alestair the wood worker

Our couch legs died and I had a smart idea to use the cedar branch I took from the tree that fell a while back and us them to replace the legs and make the couch last a bit longer. So we did. Or will do. they need to dry out more. Robert and Alestair had a great time doing the beginning work though! Alestair even got his tongue hanging out while doing the hammer work. :) I loved it!

Emmett crawls...kinda

Emmett doesn't like to crawl he does it because he has to. He tries to get his feet under himself and ends up bear crawling most of the time. He doesn't like to have someone hold his hands so he can walk either. It will be interesting to see when he walks since once he is in standing position he will not take a step even if he is holding onto furniture. He just leans.

Monday, December 27, 2010

and The Winner is..

The foam floor letter puzzle! Totally the favorite of Alestair. I put it together Christmas night and the whole time he was say "Dank Do oh oh oh dank do!" and giving hugs and kisses and Oma and Stacy came in and he gave them hugs and kisses and said "dank do" and then when it was put together he made us all dance on it. So adorable!
I found him asleep on the floor, covered him up and brought his pillow down. Later that night I found him back in his bed with his pillow and had to cover him up but I suppose the letter floor is not the softest thing to sleep on.
Three weeks later and he still sleeps with the letters (he brings them in bed with him) and he dances on the floor. He has learned so many new letters too! He can point most of them out for you and he doesn't use A as the word for Letter now. It was cute but very confusing. Emmett loves it too but not as much as Alestair.

Robert and Mindy

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