Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ellie's Blanket

I have started to make some blankets for those who I have had the fabric for but haven't done yet. I will after these blankets then make a mattress cover for Emmetts bassinet, a quilt or two for Emmett, finish Robert's quilt, and make cushins for my window seat so that we can use it as seating rather than buying a couch. Anyway Ellie's blanket turned out be one of my best! I think that all three of the Jackson Girls have recieved my very best work... but Ellie's even has her inital..I am just that good (and perhaps a bit proud)!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Alestair and sneaky peanut butter

Alestair is sneaky. He knows when he will be in trouble for something and will look at you cute and talk to you about what he would like to do in a babble that is not English but Alestair. He will then after you say "No" inch closer and closer to whatever this thing is he wants to do. It just so happens that I eat green apples and peanut butter because it doesn't give me heart burn which is pretty much one of the only things that doesn't. So there I sat in the recliner watching a show at the end of the night after having gotten Alestair ready for bed. Robert was cleaning the kitchen and Alestair walks up and gives an adorable smile...points to the bowl of apples (really the peanut butter) and I tell him what it is. He says ok takes a step back (sneaky..acting not interested) then fast as ever grabs an apple and takes nearly all the peanut butter! I have to grab his hand before it gets to his face and all over since his mouth is not nearly big enough to eat that much peanut butter at once. So I pull him on my lap and give him a reasonable amount of peanut butter on his apple slice thinking that he will actually eat the apple...such a mom thought. He then used his apple as a spoon to eat all of my peanut butter! Very sneaky..well thought out though!

The Boys Room

I moved furniture around in the boy's room as a surprise to Robert and to keep Alestair busy. NO I did not pick up anything heavy. All drawers were taken out of dressers and at that point they aren't that I just told Alestair where I wanted things and kinda directed it and he would just push it to where it went...worked like a charm to tucker him into a nap. The room now looks like a real boys room. There is a place to play next to the crib and at the ends of the beds. It is adorable!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Seeing that we will be needing the crib in about 8 months or so we decided to find an inexpensive Big Boy Bed for Alestair to move into slowly. We decided that since he is soo attached to his crib we should give him the choice rather than force him into Big Boyness. As you can see he loves his new bed but has yet to fall asleep in it without his dad sleeping on the floor next to him. Mom doesnt cut it in this case.
I am so happy with this bed! I found it for 35 dollars on Craigslist and it is pretty much new not a scratch on it and so perfect for Alestair!

Robert and Mindy

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