Saturday, May 1, 2010

Riding Lawn Mower

Grandma Fee has a riding mower that Alestair loves (its very close to a tractor).

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New to us cars!

Since we now have two kids, we decided that although we could all fit in the scion we could no longer fit us and any gear larger than our single stroller. We thought of getting a small SUV but soon figured out that if we were to go that route it would be more expensive and still leave us with the same amount of seats and when we had a third baby or if we were to take anyone elses kids (as is bound to happen now that Alestair has friends) we would again be in a car too small. So folks we have graduated to a Town and Country Mini Van...yes I did say Mini Van...but its a shorter mini van...if that somehow makes it less strange..which is probably doesn't. Anyway we also decided that with two kids we needed to have two cars to be able to get to and from doctor appts and play dates and grocery shopping and the like so Robert found an AWESOME deal on a range rover that he loved and has wanted for a long time. it was in pretty good condition and so we have two cars now. We are much happier. Alestair and Robert did some work on the new range rover switching out the radiator and cleaning up some other things. It now runs great and is a wonderful second car! We do love our van as well. Mostly the space it affords us and the fact that it has helped us get out of the car debt we were in. We highly suggest trading cars in at Enterprise they are not just for renting cars!

First Mall Adventure

So I got really adventurous and took both boys to the mall for a walk and time on the play area for Alestair. Fortunatly for me but Unfortunatly for Alestair we didnt make it that far. Both boys fell asleep before we even got 1/3 of the way to the play area. Wow I love this new stroller!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


After a long weekend of so much fun Alestair was pooped! He fell asleep on the couch before I could carry him to his bed. He was waiting for Emmett to finish eating and just couldn't make it.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Believing Christ

Alestair loves this book for some reason. He carries it everywhere and reads it (or looks as he can't read and there aren't pictures). Its pretty funny to watch him he reminds me of those college students who are so good at looking like they do their work so well and are so consumed by it.

Horsey Horsey On Your Way...

Alestair's new favorite thing...I suggest not crossing your legs or leaving a foot up.

Looking Good

After getting Alestair dressed I looked at him and had to laugh. He just looked so much like my dad in his clothes today. It was too funny!

See you later!

As always the fun has to end. Grandma and Stacy had to go home. After watching Avatar (surprisingly good and very beautiful!) with us the took off.

Getting the Answers

Alestair and his song book

We have the Children's song book in Tongan not English Alestair thinks that I should be able to read it to him but has finally found out that Dad is the only one who can help him with that. Its pretty cute Alestair picks out the song and Robert sings it.

Brother loves

It seems that as the days pass Alestair is growing more attached to his brother. This is wonderful news! I thought the love might wear off in a few days and the jealously come out but that hasn't happened. He loves to hold Emmett and just can't seem to get enough of him!

Robert and Mindy

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