Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wisconsin fun!

The Appleton WI Children's Museum is AMAZING! We only got through half of it. It was wonderful!
Alestair did this all my himself! I am super impressed!

The girls making their ornaments

Darcy and Ellie. So cute!


Just before the Children's museum

Everyone who made it in the tree house. Alestair was super
scared and wouldn't let me go. He whined that they were all up
there. Afraid they would get hurt.

Grocery Shopping

Checking the babies heart and stuff

Dr Alestair

Dr Ellie

Checking Weight

Emmett loved the babies!
Ellie and Alestair making cookies together.

preparing dinner


Water room!

Emmett and Ellie playing and getting SOAKED

in the Paper making machine!
We also got to visit the Paper Discovery Center. It was so much fun! We made paper and played in a paper machine. I wish we had one close!
I don't know about this!

I see you!

SO excited!



The End!

Alestair and Camille as Paper Factory Workers. 

Robert and Mindy

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