Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

For the first time Alestair got to go trunk or treating! It was a big hit. Alestair was a penguin (he still trys to wear the costume everywhere), Dad was an OSU fan (I know-big change), and Mom was a penguin keeper. Alestair loved his little bucket and taking it to everyone.
It was pretty much the cutest thing ever! Well close to it. He actually tried to say Happy Halloween a few times it came out more of "Appy Ha Ha"
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Little Apollo and Anabel become friends

Aunt Kristy, Uncle Apollo and Little Apollo came to visit us! After a family dinner (really good family dinner) at Aunt Wendy and Nic's place they all got to stay the night with us! It was a treat. Little Apollo is a big lover; hugs and kisses all over. Completely opposite of Alestair's "I am too busy for loves" attitude. As it turns out Little Apollo also LOVES dogs. Which made for lots of loving on Anabel. As you can see from the pictures Little Apollo had a hard time controlling the loves. It was most adorable!
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