Thursday, May 10, 2012

A few hats

Since its been chilly here. I have been looking for hats for Alestair. I don't like the big boys hat selection. They are not fun or cute and Alestair fits them. He gets sad that he doesn't get awesome monster/bear hats so I had my friend make some for him. He got one owl hat (which won't fit next year for sure) and one Lorax hat that my friend made in large adult size. Its a bit big so it will for sure fit next year and possibly the year after. Alestair loves it completely in love! I am so glad.

Friends :)

Our time having Maddy visit every few days is coming to a close. We will soon have two new friends instead :) A brother for Maddy and a new brother for my boys. Maddy's mom is going to be able to stay home now and we will have to deal with once in a while play dates. It has been so fun having her here!

Robert and Mindy

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