Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I think he may be a bit confused..

Alestair spilt some milk on himself toda. It pretty much all soaked into his shirt at chest level. He came running to me completely frantic saying "Wook at this! Wook at it! My boobies OH NO! My boobies!" It was hillarious. I could hardly explain to him what happened but a change of clothes helped him out.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Bunk Beds

This is the first night that we set up the bunk beds. More pictures will follow.
A friend of mine said that her dad was trying to get rid of some bunk beds and since I have been thinking we would need to get some for when Emmett is no longer in a crib I have been looking for a good deal. Well as he wanted to get rid of them we didn't have to pay for them. I however kept looking for matresses. Robert picked them up and to our surprise they gave us two matresses to use as well! We are incredibly thankful! I told my friend; whose dad this was, that I would give her Alestair's toddler bed and mattress as she will soon be needing her crib for a new little boy. So it was that on the last day of February Alestair grew up into a bunk bed user and his friend Kristie grew into a toddler bed user. I took Alestair out to pick out bedding at Target. That was such an exprience! He has very particular taste. I tried Thomas and that was a no. He didn't like any of the disney stuff there. Not that I did either so it worked out but we were running low on options that I would be ok with having on my son's bed. Until we found the Backyard Friends line. So so cute! Green and Brown with frogs, grasshoppers, turtles and, Alestair's favorite, fireflies! We picked it up and took it home! I have since found wall stickers and will probably get another set for the top bunk we like it that much! I am also planning on printing up the song "Fireflies" by Owl City and putting it on the wall cause it would be way cute.

Robert and Mindy

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