Saturday, January 22, 2011

Boeing Museum of Flight

Our good friend Tamera and Mike invited us to the Museum of Flight. It was a blast! Robert and I were both unsure how it would go but Alestair and Emmett both loved it. We didn't any major melt downs and were able to enjoy it! Robert pretending to be a you see that I caught a real smile on him?!!!
Tyler, Tamera and Mike's little man. He is seriously funny and would not smile for me "cause my moms already tooked a picture". Plus he has some new running shoes that make him go really fast!
Mike with both Braydon and Alestair. Alestair just jumped in without asking. It was the first day that he talked to Mike. Alestair hopped out of his seat and ran to mike pulling on his leg and telling him there were "vrooms up there! Wook it! wook it!"
Alestair flying...its very serious business you know.
Some planes. The top one is a mail plane and the others I don't remember.
Alestair and I in the kids area flying a helicopter. I look really weird. Must have been talking...
Alestair sitting in a HUGE commercial plane seat.
Emmett had a ball just looking at everything!
Tyler and Alestair flying the kids plane.
An engine. Reminded me of Dave...he probably would have explained how it worked and since its not in biospeak I wouldn't have understood it at all but listened trying to get something he was saying. So anyway it makes the plane go.
US WWII missle.
German WWII missle.
Alestair playing at one of the staions.
Where we started out. Alestair didn't last long in the pack but it was nice to get him inside the door. Thank you Marion's for having us go with you!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Emmett is 9 months!

Whew time flies! Emmett had his nine month check up. He is 19lbs 3.5oz (27th percentile) 29inches tall (66th percentile) and his head is 17inches (40th percentile). He is now a tall skinny boy. Crawling is apparently a really good weight loss plan if you are still growing that is. Well maybe if you aren't. He has a double ear infection that is quite bad. I had no idea!
He is on antibiotics for it now. There is a HUGE difference. He is happier and while he would not "cruise" or walk around things before he is now walking around everything! He is so close to walking with the wagon to push as well. He is also waking up only one to two times a night verses the 3 to four times a night he was before. These are things that looking back we can see but as his doctor told me she wouldn't have known if she hadn't looked in his ears. We all knew he had a cold with cough but we didn't realize his ears hurt. He didn't get overly grumpy or anything and he wasn't cruising before and his sleeping well he has never been a great sleeper! So I suppose I shouldn't feel as horrible as I do but since he is now doing all of these things I feel just aweful!
We will have to go in to have his eyes checked on Feb 2nd. His left eye is wondering in especially when he is tired and well we want to correct it if we need to. So here we go! I am kind of looking forward to finding out how the test eye sight on little babies who can't talk!
Other things Emmett is doing: He says three words! Yep I have a talker! Not that that was a surprise Alestair was very quiet even when he was born if you remember he only squeaked. Emmett however has been a screamer since the time he first came into this world. He now says MOMMA and DADA and HHHI! He usually says Hi when he is coming into the bathroom or you find him in something he shouldn't be in. Its crazy how young they know how to get out of things. He likes to say Dada when he is on our bed and Robert has gone to work. He will pat Robert's pillow and say Dada over and over. He also likes to scream it when I am not comforting enough. He continues to scream Momma whenever he feels like having me hold him or is hurt. Still goes crawling around looking for me. He LOVES water. I could almost bet me life on him being born in water except I was there and know he wasn't. If you turn on water and he hears it he high-tails it in to the room with water. This is somewhat of an issue when I take a shower since I usually end up taking one while Robert is at work I leave the door open a crack to hear the boys. Emmett has found out how to rip the shower curtin back and lean in just enough to get himself nice and sprayed down. He actually sighs in relief once he is wet. He also does not allow us to give Alestair a bath alone. Emmett has a complete fit when we take him out first and let Alestair play while Emmett gets dressed. He loves to give Alestair hugs and has started to bully him a bit. He knows that if he cries and we are not looking we will think Alestair has taken his toy. He also tries to push Alestair off of toys or take his food. You can usually know Emmett is being a bully when you hear Alestair say "Oh no no no baby no no no!" or "Emmmiet Wease!"
Now that this post is very very long. I will close with we love Emmett so much and couldn't live without him!

Robert and Mindy

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