Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Country Ward Party

Our ward has some great activities. Our summer activity was a bit small as ward parties go but it was such a blast! They had eat the apple of the string with your husband as well as the following.

All of the children lined up and poured water on the 1st couseluer in the bishopric. Then Robert and our friend James Tukia decided to volunteer to get water poured on them...ICE COLD water. As you see the upper picture is Alestair pouring water on Robert and the lower is James getting water poured on him by his 2nd daughter (he also got it from his oldest daughter and his only son). Alestair did not like this game. He does not like anyone being picked on and as soon as the 1st counsler was drenched Alestair started crying and was extremely upset. This happened every time someone got a bucket of water on their head.

James also volunteered to do a pie eatting contest with cherry pie after eatting a very large dinner. As you can see in the last picture it was a bit difficult but he did win!

There was also potatoe sack races. The first four pictures are of the single race and the last five are the 3 leged race...there were a few falls in this one. Robert is very competive.

Alestair had a blast! He got his face painted for the first time and got to make new friends with Mo and Zeak. He also got to be with his friend Stephanie...the first person I met in the new ward who looked enough like Aunt Stacy that Alestair tried to share his binky with her.

Alestair walks

Friday, August 14, 2009


Our ward here in Tacoma, WA has a first for us. Sister missionaries! They are sooo wonderful. We were sad to see them go and have the elders take over since it was the first time we could have them over a lot without worries as I am almost always home and Robert is not so much. On the right you see Sister Gainer and the left is Sister Earl. We both think that Sister Gainer is our long lost sister as she could fit very comfortably into either one of our families. She felt the same about us as every time they came for dinner she swore we were her sister and bother-in-law and that we had stolen their deep fat fryer. Apparently they also have a very cute little boy about Alestair's age. There were some very very interesting similarities to both the Fee Clan and the Butler Fam.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cooking Adventures!!!

Robert and I have recently been very inventive with cooking. We have made homemade lasagna (see picture) inculding the noodles. Robert made the most wonderful homemade corn dogs. We are willing to share our secrets and recipes if you wish them.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big Boy Seat!

Alestair no longer sits in his red high chair attached to the table. He now has a small booster. He loves to run over and sit in it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1st markers

As Alestair has been so into coloring lately, we bought him the crayola 1st markers. He loved them soo much he decided to not only draw pictures for his cousins he also colored his mouth. Of course it had to be with the red marker and made him look like he had just had his first meal as a vampire. On another note: did anyone else notice that Alestair is starting to get hair on the top of his head?
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Monday, August 10, 2009

1st Ravioli

Very Very messy. Alestair used his shovel spoon and loved eating the ravioli that Robert so nicely cut in halves for him.
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Robert and Mindy

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