Monday, March 21, 2011

Big Brother to the Rescue!

Alestair likes to "get Baby out" aka rescue poor Emmett from napping and going to bed. Sometimes he tells him stories mostly he just like to jump in the crib with him and get him all excited making bed times very difficult. I usually don't put Emmett down until Alestair is asleep or have Alestair fall asleep elsewhere and move him...I have to save some sanity here I am not being a push-over. Really do you see the excitement on Emmett's face? The close up is below. I am so thankful my boys love eachother! They both squeal when they see eachother for the first time in the morning it makes me laugh!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lamb Stew...

Most delicious! Robert made it for us with just a bunch of stuff and I have to say it was way better than I thought. I have never been a stew lover but after this I might be one! The carrots were sooo good (my mouth is going nuts right now) and the peas weren't mush (I almost always hate peas cooked) and the lamb well lamb is just darn good!

Robert and Mindy

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