Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bill gets Baptized

Our good friend and coworker Bill Linquist got baptized on 9/20/08. He asked Robert to baptize him. This was a very special request and Robert was very honored. Bill is so well loved there were very many people at the baptism to support him.

Bill and Robert with the Elders who taught Bill.

After being baptized

Bill and Alestair. Bill and Alestair are great friends.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

After accident Blahs

Alestair was having a few fits after the accident and started napping in strange positions. this is how he fell asleep one day.

Since Robert's back was hurting he couldn't bend over to pick up Alestair or play with him. It was very hard for me to see but this is how Robert over came this issue. He just took the bouncer on his lap and played with Alestair there.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Snazzy Alestair

Alestair got a very snazzy sweater vest from someone and it reminded me of one that my dad had so here is a shout out to Grandpa Fee.

Car Accident

For those of you who did not know. Robert, Alestair and I were rear ended on our way to a friends house on Sunday Sept. 14,2008. We were the 3rd car stopped at a stop light there was one car behind us also stopped. An older man in a buick was going 40mph and did not slow down at all. The man in the car behind us tried to swirve out of hitting us but that was impossible. Alestair and I were in the back seat. We did not see it coming though Robert heard it and pretty much stood on the brake so we would not hit the car in front of us. Robert was taken away in the abmulance on a stretcher. they said that they did not want to transport Alestair and I as this would mean Alestair would not have a seat to sit in. I called a friend of mine and she took Alestair and I to the hospital to be with Robert and to be checked out ourselves. We all made it out without broken bones. The firemen were very impressed with how our car seat was installed and also said that our car was one of the safest. Wow. I am so glad I wouldnt let Robert and Dave talk me into the Mini. We are still waiting on the car to be fixed and it should be done sometime this week. We do have a lawyer for the medical bills. We want to be sure that the insurance company (both us and the man responsible have state farm and they really dont want to pay up) doesnt mess us over. I am sure all of you will hear more info later.

This is where Alestair and I were. Alestair in the middle and I was right next to him.

Robert and Mindy

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