Monday, September 6, 2010

How Emmett likes to spend his time.

Emmett has been a challenge for me. After the easiest baby ever, its a bit hard to have a baby who wants to be held and nurse all the time. Not that I don't completely love holding and nursing him or that I would take him back and ask for another. I truly love him to bits. I love things that he does differently than Alestair like how amazing his eye sight is and how he completely lights up the moment he sees me walk in the room. I love how he has learned he can spit with his tounge and how he tries to say mama and dada. I love how he is way more content to not do everything on his own and how he would be happy if he were moved everywhere all day instead of having to crawl or walk ever. But still he has been harder. He takes a bit more time than Mr. Independace (Alestair). However it is hard since Alestair now needs help with writing or learning or something. Anyway sometimes I need a break. So when Robert gets home I will give him Emmett and Robert has found that although Emmett is not happy about this situation after about 15min that there is a way around the fussiness. Its called the computer and a site called It also helps with Alestair. They have number and letter games and the boys can press nearly every button and not do anything wrong. As you see. Emmett gets really into it.

Robert and Mindy

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